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Have You Considered Homesteading?

A Florida homestead is a large benefit for property-owners in Florida. However, the process is often tricky and can take time. However, the benefits of pursuing a homestead cannot be undersold.

At The Law Office of Christine Aung PLLC, we have a great deal of experience in Florida’s homestead law. We know how to pursue homesteading and we know how to make use of it for your heirs. We take pride in the personal attention and highly skilled services we offer to the people of Deltona and the surrounding area with estate planning problems. If you have questions about homesteading, we can get you answers.

Why Create A Homestead

Homesteading in Florida has multiple advantages. Homestead law, in general, allows you to exempt a certain amount of your real estate value from creditors. This means that it will not go through probate, and – in most cases – a creditor cannot force you to sell it.

There are some restrictions on the amount of property you can declare as a homestead. You are limited to:

  • One-half acre of urban land
  • 160 acres of rural land

However, aside from those restrictions, you do not have an upper value for your homestead. A Florida homestead is a massively valuable wealth protection tool.

To turn your property into a homestead, you must file the appropriate paperwork and meet some requirements. Chief among them is your Florida residency.

How We Can Make A Difference

We are detail-oriented, passionate attorneys who dedicate a great deal of time and effort to securing our clients’ goals. For homestead situations, we can work with both people who intend to create a homestead and those who inherit one. We often resolve these matters quickly and efficiently for our clients. One of our attorneys even has significant real estate experience to aid in these issues.

We Treat You Like Family

Our attorneys want to help you get into the most favorable position when it comes to your estate possible. We look at all your options and provide a plan that you can rely on to help preserve your legacy. Call our office at 386-951-6135 to schedule a meeting. You may also reach us by email.