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Probate Can Be A Struggle, But We Can Help

Probate, under any circumstances, is stressful. Going to court and working through Florida’s laws on inheritance is a large burden to start with, but the possibility of a probate dispute makes it much worse. You need a lawyer who can guide you through probate and advocate for you if necessary.

At The Law Office of Christine Aung PLLC, we’re a team of attorneys with extensive trial experience. We understand how probate and estate planning works in Florida. We often help clients across Deltona and the surrounding area through probate matters, but we also frequently work with people from other states who have probate concerns in Florida.

How We Help With Out-Of-State Probate Problems

When you’ve lost a family member whose estate is in Florida, and you don’t, you have a problem. The solution is somewhat simple: hire a local firm. Our attorneys are highly experienced in providing services to clients from out of state.

What sets us apart is our dedication to timely, effective communication. We prioritize keeping you in the know of the day-to-day happenings in your probate case. We pursue your priorities with diligence and help you focus on your life while we take care of the questions in Florida.

We’re cost-effective, dedicated and can handle any issue, including a probate dispute.

Probate Disputes Are Family Disputes

There are two issues when there is a fight in probate court over the contents of a will or an inheritance. The first issue is legal. The law is often confusing, and the estate plan may not cover all the matters it should. This can lead to a struggle.

The second issue, however, is the people involved: your family. A family fight is one of the most painful experiences. However, as your attorneys, we will take every step possible to advocate for your case in a probate dispute. We’re meticulous and unafraid of going to court.

Experienced. Caring. Zealous.

We utilize our experience to craft legal strategies for our clients. We care about the people we work with, so we ensure all our work is highly detailed and correct. And we are passionate about our work, advocating with skill and aggressiveness when necessary.

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