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The Seven-Year Itch: Fact or Fiction?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Divorce

The “seven-year itch” may be considered a dated term and the title of a 1955 movie. The concept has endured over time, resulting in many marriages ending in divorce before reaching a decade. The theory posed is that the yearning for infidelity peaks in the seventh year of marriage.

However, it may be more of an actual problem than a concept, with divorces following closely behind that time frame. When it comes to looking for something else, a large majority are men who are looking for something else, whether it be an affair or a new partner.

A concept based on reality

The depiction on film may be closer to reality than what the camera lens of Hollywood depicts. The US Census Bureau revealed that the average length of a marriage before ending came in at eight years, one year longer.

When looking at studies, men have vastly different patterns than women. As marriages went on, the odds of men cheating also rose. Conversely, women were more likely to cheat in intermediate unions, with the odds reducing in short and long-term marriages.

The Journal of Marriage and Family study revealed that women were more likely to cheat in the seventh year of marriage, with the desire reduced in the eighth year and beyond. As the union reached 20 to 30 years, those yearnings were non-existent.

Conversely, men have a significantly increased desire to cheat around year seven. Like their female counterparts, thoughts of infidelity decreased in the eighteenth year. However, it would improve after that. A marriage lasting three decades or more saw the most considerable odds of cheating beyond the infamous “seven-year itch” turning into the 30-year itch.

Regardless of a marriage’s length, the end of the union represents life-changing and highly challenging times. A skilled and experienced attorney navigating the process could be the advocacy you need.